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Here’s what we do. We go on-site and shoot the video, or, if you have ample video stock, we’ll use that and pass on the savings to you. Next, we record the audio. Some audio is recorded live, along with the video, but most is recorded in our sound studio during post production. In either case, we will assist with scripting, which is vitally important to your message, and even write the script if you prefer.
We edit the various tours and audio into a single movie, and put it all together, making it look seamless and effortless. We’ll make suggestions to improve the overall effectiveness of Tourscape on your website, and help you customize your site as needed.
When we’re finished, we’ll run the video on our server, or upload it to yours. It’s just that simple.


Resorts and Hotels
- Fly-overs, aerial shots
- Dual-layer DVDs-up to 40 resorts on a single DVD for hand-out, mail-on-request, and/or direct mail piece
- DVD creation-motion menus, chapter points, label and jacket design
- MPEG encoding-air Tourscape presentations on your Video-on-Demand system
- Web site consulting & flash animation, top-notch
- Custom Tourscape Player skin
- Special Short Videos: Golf Course, Manager/Hostess Welcome, Head Chef Welcome, Catering Director and Team,
Conferences Director, Recreation Director, etc. These can reside on your website and do not require the Tourscape Player.

Real Estate
- Reality Videos for Premiere Homes
- Agent Introduction videos
- Overview Videos of your focus area(s)
- Web site tweaking
In short, Tourscape will help you take it to the next level.

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