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Today there’s more competition than ever to attract travelers. And yet, a common complaint from travel planners is that they can’t get a clear idea of what a place is like—whether it’s a hotel in Atlanta, a luxury resort in Hawaii, or a bed and breakfast in Munich. There’s a kind of information vacuum in the travel industry forcing some travelers to take a leap of faith in choosing a destination. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Tourscape can help take the uncertainty out of travel decisions.

With Tourscape, travelers get a professional guided tour, as though they were standing on the property. Eye-popping video and a professional voice tour will show your resort or hotel at its very best.

Increased revenues are generated by:

- Higher click-through to Rates and Reservations.
Because the quality of our Reality Tour sells the customer

- Higher click-through from your affiliate links and pay-for-clicks.
“Online Video Tour” is a hot button today and as a part of your link description will attract attention and increase traffic

- Our focus on your strongest services.
We dedicate up to six 15-second vignettes to your most outstanding services

- Our focus on your special location
We really shine here—another six 15-second vignettes tying a number of the major attractions in your area to your resort or hotel, creating a sense of fun and excitement

- Our success at portraying a quality image for your hotel or resort
Tourscape technology is the finest available worldwide; our 4-inch video window and clear, crisp video with professional sound and voice is unsurpassed in quality and unmatched in ease of use and speed of delivery.
Once travelers realize the quality of experience on your web site, they will stop there first, before competing sites. The result--a competitive edge for your hotel, resort, or travel company in today’s challenging market.

With travelers spending upwards to $5,000 or more a week, a single reservation can offset the entire cost of a Tourscape presentation.

      The Woodmark Hotel, Kirkland Washington

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