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Residential and Commercial Real Estate
Tourscape Reality Tours Online and Agent Introduction videos help agents get more high-end listings, increase productivity, and leverage the internet to better market themselves.

Benefits include the following:
- Increased revenue from more high-end listings
- Broader reach extending to out-of-state and international buyers
- Pre-qualification of prospective clients
- Improved agent status—helps agents stand out as industry professionals
- Competitive edge

In short, Tourscape will help you take it to the next level.

Reality Tours Online

If you’ve ever listed a multi-million dollar home or office building appealing to a small group of buyers nationwide, you can immediately appreciate the value of Tourscape in making the property readily visible, without travel. Unlike IPIX or Virtual Tours, Tourscape combines crisp video with professional scripting and voice-over to result in a promotional experience worthy of the finest properties.

Tourscape’s audience is global, and its simulated walkthrough of the property allows both local and out-of-state buyers to intelligently pre-qualify the house, preventing a waste of your time and theirs.

Agent Intros

Much more than a mere photo, a Tourscape Agent Intro is a short, professional video that communicates to prospective buyers your sales style, skills and specialty areas, as well as give a first impression of what it will be like working with you. The object of a Tourscape Agent Intro is to help prospective clients overcome doubts and leave them with a warm friendly impression that prompts them to call or email you rather than continue to browse for more agents.

Tourscape will help you stand out as an industry professional, with the latest high-tech tools at their disposal. We provide agents with Tourscape demos on CD to show prospective. When a potential client asks, “How are you going to market my house?” you can point to Tourscape as an effective new sales tool, and in so doing differentiate what you bring to the table for your clients, and in the process get more high-end listings.

Tourscape also helps non-listing agents become familiar with the property without having to attend an Open House, saving valuable time. With Tourscape, all they have to do is follow the link on your website or the MLA, and watch the tour, after which they will be more likely to sell that listing.

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