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Tourscape is unlike anything on the market today, combining ease of use, superb audio-video quality, speed, and global compatibility to deliver a rich multimedia experience over the internet.

Ease of Use
One click is all it takes, and in seconds the presentation begins. It is not necessary to navigate between videos or within a still picture. When the 2-minute presentation is over, any of its 12 to 24 segments can be replayed instantly.

Excellent Quality
Clear, captivating video and professional audio engross the viewer and leave a lasting impression. When the tours are finished playing, the experience is such that you feel as though you’ve actually been there.

With Tourscape, viewers wait about 10 seconds only once, no matter how many video tours comprise the movie. When it’s finished playing, you can see a particular room again, or the pool area, immediately, without delay, thanks to our patent-pending buffering technology.

Global Compatibility
Tourscape runs on Macromedia’s universal Flash engine. Videography magazine, February, 2004, states that 90% of the world’s computers are capable of running flash animations, while only 60% can run Windows Media and only 40% can run Quicktime. The next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, will include the latest Flash driver right out of the box, ensuring compatibility into the future.


The Tourscape Player design is infinitely versatile and can be customized with your design elements to bring it into utmost harmony with the rest of your web site

Unmatched ease of use, superb audio-video quality, and speedy delivery will result in very high customer satisfaction. Simply put, travelers and prospective property buyers will love it, preferring it to a brochure or anything else offered on the internet.

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